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Barney’s 2017: The Haas Brothers

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Barneys 2017: The Haas Brothers

Our good friends at Barneys invited us to collaborate on their world famous holiday windows for the third year in a row.

This year, we teamed up with The Haas Brothers to bring their trippy spin on art and design to all four windows at Barneys flagship location – as well as a series of 10 Haas Rules for social media.

Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Design/Illustration: The Haas Brothers
Animation: Paulo Stoker, Lucas Fiacadori, Nibe Mbumba, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Music: Honnda

Future Portrait

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Future Portrait

Future Portrait debuted in The Lab at The Panorama Music Festival.

In Future Portrait, motion becomes animation. Simple and amazing. No green screens. No special suits. No explanations needed. Just jump in and move, or remix the action at two touchscreen stations.

Future Portrait recreates the relationship between a performer and a director in a virtual space. Change the lighting, add AI creatures, and use touch to affect the virtual particles.

The ability to create art intuitively gets people excited and involved. The best interactive experiences are ones that you don’t overthink – you just do.

Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Structural Design and Fabrication: Akemi Blanchard
Code: Aggro Studios
Choreography: Tyler Gilstrap
Dancers: Suzie Rzecznik, Steven Orrego Upegui, Benji Rama
Live Music: Nate Tucker
Camera + Editorial: Eric Chang
PAs: Yon Gon, Ben Karon, Serena Fang

Barney’s 2016: Peace, Love, Joy + Analog

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Barneys 2016: Peace, Love, Joy + Analog

Barney’s invited us back again this year to create another holiday window for their new downtown store. Mashing up traditional animation, throwback CG, and vintage analog effects, PLJ+A is a cannon ball leap into the deep end of the holiday spirit.

PLJ + A was born out of a desire for exploration: exploring how the meaning of Peace, Love, and Joy extends beyond the usual holiday symbolism, and expanding the approach that we’ve usually taken to animation.

This project represented our first work in the world of analog video effects. In addition to our usual digital animation tools, we expanded the pipeline with the addition of analog equipment including Edirol V4s, VHS camcorders and Commodore 64 monitors for video feedback effects.

Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Design/Illustration: Raul Burgos, Alex Bond, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Animation: Jules Guerin, Guilherme … Read More »

Hieratic Gaze at The Panorama Music Festival

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Hieratic Gaze at The Panorama Music Festival

We teamed up with Dirt Empire and Antfood to create Hieratic Gaze, a 360 degree visual experience that debuted at this summer’s Panorama Music Festival.

Hieratic Gaze was an immersive – and communal – cinematic experience, allowing dozens of festival visitors at a time to experience a journey through time and space in a huge 69 foot dome.

Brooklyn Magazine wrote “The cherry on top of the entire installment was The Dome, a 360 degree virtual reality theater where everyone lies down on the floor and looks up at the immersive images together. Lying there was the closest and most connected I have felt to a huge group of strangers in a long time, the most overwhelmed and awed I’ve been since I first saw a movie on IMAX. (I also recommend getting … Read More »

Barneys + Lexus: Arctic Chase

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Barneys + Lexus: Arctic Chase

Welcome to the future on ice. We made this short film for Barneys’ 2015 holiday window. Arctic Chase mixes classic anime, CG, and glitch into an insane race through an arctic world. Daredevil penguins, Low G racers with anger management issues, monster race announcers, robot submarine captains, cyborg Yeti – and more – crowd into a wild race that threads through futuristic cities, ice caverns, and under the frozen sea.

Less a coherent story and more a lost trailer for some forgotten 97 part series, Arctic Chase is our scrambled love letter to classic racing anime. We were lucky to collaborate with Gary Gerding, who built an amazing translucent slot car track on which 3D prints of our three crystal-embellished heroes race each other.

Barneys was a great partner: Creative Director Dennis Freedman and VP of … Read More »

Oracle: The Voice of Data

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Oracle: The Voice of Data

We built the Voice of Data for Oracle’s OpenWorld event. Like other projects that we’ve done in the past, The Voice of Data makes it possible to create something beautiful and unique using non-traditional tools – democratizing design and exploring the implications for the creative process in an era where mass production and mass customization are meeting.

Using custom code and an on-site laser cutter, we transformed the human voice into wearable art. Visitors recorded their voiceprints using an iOS app we created for the event. One even proposed (probably still need a ring). Our generative code then transformed each voice into a unique design, which was cut into leather by a pair of lasers generously supplied by Universal Laser Systems. We made more than 1,500 different bracelets over the course of the event.

Creative Director: … Read More »

American Express Rally On The River

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American Express Rally On The River

We created VS for American Express’ Rally On The River event for US Open Week. Incorporating archival footage, abstract design, high-speed water footage, and CG effects, VS told the story two-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. Using four 20K Barco projectors, the film was displayed on a 40′ x 60′ screen of falling water suspended over the Hudson River at Manhattan’s Pier 97.

Creative Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Design: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Editor: Nika Offenbac, Ryan Powell
Animation: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard, Birgit Rathsmann, Csaba Bardos, Karoly Seiner
Keying: Debra Khoo-Jeffrey
Producer: Nathan Jew
Representation: The Foreign Correspondents Club
Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Production Company: Bionic League
Event Creative Direction: Venom

Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals

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Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals

We created a wild visual universe for Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour – combining anime with pixel art and glitched out Tumblr-inspired cg into epic landscapes and storylines. A huge cast of animated characters explore love, longing, and adventure in a series of fantastic alternate realities – which unfold on a massive set of on-stage LED screens. As Porter composed the Worlds album, he amassed a huge collection of links, screenshots, and story ideas pulled from the worlds of anime and online MMORPGs. We built on Porter’s foundation by adding layers of inspiration pulled from Indie games like Journey, Below, and Torchbearer and classic games like Another World and Space Harrier.

Our team included traditional illustrators, concept artists, cg specialists, and pixel artists. Many also worked as both designers and animators. Bringing these diverse backgrounds … Read More »

Tao Downtown Projection Mapping

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Tao Downtown Projection Mapping

In 2013, Tao Downtown opened at the Maritime Hotel. The Rockwell Group asked Invisible Light Network to create a permanent installation for the restaurant, by bringing the 20 foot tall statue at the center of the space to life.

Client: The Rockwell Group
Creative Direction: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Design: Anny Wong, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Modeling: The Grid. Győző Lukács
Simulation: The Grid, Győző Lukács
Animation: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard, Shervin Etaat, Csaba Bárdos, Jules Guerin
Representation: The Meta Agency

Google I/O After Hours 2013

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Google I/O After Hours 2013

Google asked us to take the idea of input/output and run with it for their After Hours party at the 2013 Google I/O conference.

We re-imagined the Google identity as a series of futuristic facilities – a nod to both the physical concept of manufacturing and the binary nature of digital code.

We produced over 15 minutes of ultra HD footage that played out on 7 huge (as in 80 feet huge) screens. Our good friends at Glowing Pictures delivered an incredible visual performance on the night of the event.

Agency: The Meta Agency

Creative Direction: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Concept Artist: Jason Longo
Modeling: Gyozo Lukacs
Modeling, Rigging, Animation: Szabolcs Sinka
Modeling, Rigging, Animation: Csaba Bardos
Lighting and Texturing: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Compositing: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Visual Performance Artists: Glowing Pictures
Editor: Rhys Stover
Photos: Oriel Poole
Music: Boys Noize – Ich R U (Justice Remix)