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Washed Away In Atar

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Washed Away in Atar


The Thursday night gaming group at The Brooklyn Strategist is our way to take a break from the usual glamorous schedule of staring into screens and crouching around conference calls. But it’s more than a way to relax. Games like Torchbearer, FATE, Burning Wheel and Fiasco offer a chance to approach storytelling in a new way. Playing these games has opened a new perspective on all the work that we do.¬†Seriously.

Washed Away In Atar was created for Torchbearer, but has been rewritten to be rules agnostic. The scenario is designed as a sandbox, giving players the freedom to make their own choices without the feeling that they’re being pushed down a specific narrative path. Want to give it a shot with your gaming group? We’ve released it under the Creative Commons license.¬†Here’s a link to the PDF

Concept, Writing, and Design: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard