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Oracle: The Voice of Data

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Oracle: The Voice of Data

We built the Voice of Data for Oracle’s OpenWorld event. Like other projects that we’ve done in the past, The Voice of Data makes it possible to create something beautiful and unique using non-traditional tools – democratizing design and exploring the implications for the creative process in an era where mass production and mass customization are meeting.

Using custom code and an on-site laser cutter, we transformed the human voice into wearable art. Visitors recorded their voiceprints using an iOS app we created for the event. One even proposed (probably still need a ring). Our generative code then transformed each voice into a unique design, which was cut into leather by a pair of lasers generously supplied by Universal Laser Systems. We made more than 1,500 different bracelets over the course of the event.

Creative Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Code By: AggroStudios Team
Space Design: Volvox Labs
Leather and Die Cutting: Global Leathers
On Site Technical Expertise and Wizardry: Brian Tefertiller @ ULS
Event Staff: Miriam Jacobson, Katherine Rae Mondo, Alsu Sabirova
Camera: Ajay Fay, Ryan Powell, Mikhail Shapiro
Editor: Ryan Powell
Production Assistance: Maggie Richardson
Representation: The Meta Agency
Agency: Mosaic
Very Special Thanks: Universal Laser Systems, Akemi Blanchard, Gabriel Pulecio, Charleen @ Softlab, and that guy who proposed to his girlfriend